Cyber Disruption: The new threat to Business

The frequency, sophistication and severity of data breaches is set to explode, according to a new study from Price Waterhouse Coopers which finds that Cyber Crime increased 23% last year over the previous year. Yet, less than one-third of companies have coverage that would protect them from the potential financial fallout. 

Increased sophistication of attacks: […]

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Best Practice: Creating a Digital Strategy

Devising growth strategies will always be an important aspect of your business and remains at the forefront of every entrepreneur’s mind. We’ve all heard of (or are familiar with) management and marketing strategies, but one can no longer ignore the importance of digital strategies in today’s highly and multi-connected world. So, what are the elements that […]

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Data Visualisation – What it should mean to you

business man at desk with laptop

Creating reports isn’t new. Every business uses them, and have been for a long time. We’ve all seen them. Most prominent is the financial report. These are traditionally run at the end of the month to show profit and loss, project costs or labour costs. Then we also have a vast array of spreadsheets (often […]

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How to use technology for growth!

There are so many cool apps out there built for remote team building, collaborating and work management, all possible from a desktop screen or a mobile device connected to the internet. Then there are also the super flexible companies where staff can work from anywhere, at anytime, as long as they meet their deadlines and goals. Sounds too good […]

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Digital Strategy for Local Government

Image of man on a mobile device

Do local governments need a digital strategy? if so, why? A few weeks back I was asked to facilitate workshops for a local council (shire) to help them identify where they are positioned in their digital transformation journey. With fifteen people around the table we acknowledged that we are all affected by technology and its fast paced digital world, we […]

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Leveraging Automation for Businesses Part 8

Now that we’ve had a look at how automation can help you make better decisions for your business, its time to look at the considerations on a system implementation journey: What data do you need or monitor? This is important to understand for reporting purposes.  A system can log, track and measure what you need it […]

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Best Practice: How to Go on Leave

header image of lady working on laptop at the beach

For weeks, my colleagues have been telling me that going on leave is good for me, both mentally and physically. I didn’t believe them, then I Googled “benefits of taking leave” and well… they may be onto something. For me, the past couple of months have seen me host un-welcome viral infections, seek chiropractic care for back relief and […]

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Leveraging Automation for Businesses Part 7

In our last edition (part 6) we looked at what aspects of a system(s) needed to be implemented in a restaurant/food establishment. The ultimate goal of any system is business intelligence, helping you make informed decisions for your business. We have yet to look at other business development opportunities you can achieve from gathered data. Here are […]

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Your role in stress management?

We have all had it…the gutt wrenching feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed with work! As a manager, this cannot be ignored; and for good reason! There are many articles online, giving advice on leadership, role clarity and development of staff that you can read. It remains a balancing act to master the art of managing stress levels of […]

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Leveraging Automation for Businesses Part 6

Welcome back to round six of Leveraging Automation for Business. We’ve covered a lot of content already in this series, if you missed any of the previous posts here are the links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. If you’re ready for Part 6 continue reading. What are the different aspects you can […]

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