Defaulting resources to selected quantities

The way you quote your products and services will differ based on the industry you are in. Our Fortix Enterprise Platform provides users the ability to add more resources onto a quoted product for further flexibility.

For example, an order of 200 ice-creams (product) on a stick will also require 200 individual ice-cream wrappers (resource), but perhaps only 5 carry bags (resource) are required. Alternatively, an order for 5 training sessions (product) does not mean only 5 manuals (resource) are required, as it depends on the number of participants being trained in those sessions.

So, there are two ways of defaulting how the resources you assign respond to the quantity that you are quoting:

  • The amount of resources will default to the quantity selected. See the image below where each pistachio gelato stick will be accompanied by a serve of vanilla cream:


  • The resource is not affected by the quantity selected. See the image below which shows the same order for pistachio gelato sticks require only 2 bottles of edible golden flakes for the whole order:


Let us know if you are interested in using or activating this option in your Fortix Enterprise system.


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