Embracing Enterprise

There has been plenty of excitement around the office recently as we released the 3rd generation of our automated business system – Fortix Freedom 3. This upgrade allows us to focus on growing small to medium enterprises (SME’s) helping them foster the latest innovation in automated systems.

Part of this upgrade also involves the renaming of our automated business system – Fortix Freedom 3 to Fortix Enterprise. Fortix Enterprise encapsulates the drive of growing SME’s enabling them to take on the larger players in their industry.

We believe that Fortix Enterprise is the best tool to empower SME’s to increase greater market share. In addition to this, our desire is to also help them innovate their existing sales and operational processes to achieve consistency and productivity.

Fortix has been successfully delivering stable and robust automated business systems for over ten years, confirming our experience and knowledge in this field. You and your business will be in safe hands with Fortix Enterprise.

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