Getting Customer Engagement

We’ve all read about the benefits of social media and how important it is to get your customers engaged in your products, services, brand and business. It is the essence of digital marketing, getting your customers to communicate and tell you what they think. At times you may even have dedicated staff communicating and performing public relations with your audience. For most businesses, this can be consuming of both resources and time, seeing positive effects of such social media activities may not be seen immediately.

As a business manager and owner, how can you get online but get results immediately? The answer may be the smaller sister of social media; customer portals. With a customer portal your customers get immediate access to your business, giving them the ability to communicate directly with you to obtain product or service support, alternatively download invoices and documents at their best convenience.

Having a portal to your business empowers and engages them, leading to a better customer experience. The benefit to you is substantial! Your portal gives you the market intelligence to better align your products and services to your customer needs. It also gives you the necessary data to perform various analytics that better service delivery. If you are seeking customer engagement, look no further! Fortix has a platform built for this.

To get your own customer portal, please contact us on to discuss the available templates that can be utilised.

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