Healthy You, Healthy Business

Do you find that work takes most of your time these days? For many of us, checking work emails tends to be the first and the last thing we do every day, on top of spending most of our days at work.

Our work always creates priorities that keep us away from our families, and from time spend on us. However it is the time that we spend outside of work that is crucial for revitalizing our strengths, so we can actually continue working.  Making time to look after ourselves would improve our health, and would also give us clarity and energy that you can bring to your business.

Here are a few tips that you could implement into your routine to get time outside of work.

Switch off from your business

How often do you get to think about something other than your work? If you eat your lunch behind your computer, or take your work home, that means hardly ever.

Stepping away from what we are doing is sometimes the best way to get clarity and to refocus. You can do so by simply stepping away from your computer for 5 minutes.


Being sleep deprived slows down our response time and accuracy, and lowers our ability to focus on tasks.

Switch off your email account on your phone, so will be less likely to get caught up in your emails for hours before your bedtime.


Exercise is good for reducing stress, improving memory and giving us more energy.

Find 30 minutes a week to do some sort of exercise. If you think you really can’t find any time, incorporate exercise into your tasks that need to be done, such as cycling or jogging to and from work, or just start by spending 5 minutes stretching before bedtime.


Laughing reduces stress, strengthens immunity, and bonds us as a team.
So get together with your colleagues and adopt a “laugh ready” attitude.


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The importance of looking after yourself in order to be more productive at work is a widely studied area. You can find out more about the topic on these links:

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