How to use technology for growth!

There are so many cool apps out there built for remote team building, collaborating and work management, all possible from a desktop screen or a mobile device connected to the internet. Then there are also the super flexible companies where staff can work from anywhere, at anytime, as long as they meet their deadlines and goals. Sounds too good to be true? It is achievable! This week we’re going to share what we have learned over the years through our distributed team concept:

Sure, there’s plenty of little freebie and low-cost apps in the marketplace for you to operate your business on, but very few – if any – can connect/communicate with each other. Having your tasks and work management in one application, then having time recording in another and then invoices in yet another piece of software – it’s not productive. Leveraging technology is all about efficiencies and for most parts, taking shortcuts will end up costing you more over time! Prepare your business for growth by implementing a good integrated systems that will take your concept and vision further than a limited one-year plan.
This requires solid foundations and processes for both internal and external stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, partners, community). Putting management, expectations, measurement and feedback in place are key steps to achieving your business goals (even more so in a distributed workplace). An integrated system needs to be supported by these for you to be able to visualise the performance of your business and resources, down to a granular level!
Yes, even having a tech-savvy business which uses the most up-to-date technology will need an old-school business plan. You need to know where you want to take the business, how will it be achieved in the short, mid and long-term, and being able to measure the business performance to date. The beauty with an integrated system in place is that you can see your trends in real-time; no longer having to wait for the end-of-month reports to review your business goals and implement your strategies.

If you have the above in place, then your business is definitely on the right track! If you are looking to automate and refresh your business with technology, a helping hand can jumpstart your journey.

Speak to Fortix to discuss more on how we can help you transition your dreams into a reality! We have been building and customising our platform for more than ten years, catering for end-to-end processes from sales through to invoicing. Not only do we sell our product, we use it internally. So we understand and believe in the product!

Until next time, have a great week!

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