Add Reminder to a Work Request

Reminders are a great way to keep track of tasks that contain time-sensitive deadlines. This article explains how to add a reminder to a Work Request.

Click Requests in the heading bar under WORK REQUESTS. On the right-hand side of the row where the Reminder should be added click the down arrow next to the Action Tab.

The short address bar link is: /?requests

Click Add Reminder.

The Reminders page opens with the CREATE REMINDER form activated. Complete the form with the Subject, Location and Description filled in.

To add the appropriate Customer, add two letters in the field for the automated search capability.

Complete the form by selecting Time and Date for the reminder and choose if the reminder should Repeat. To see a list of Users, click All. Assigned one user only to a reminder, but many or none can be added as Attendees.

Click SAVE to commit the reminder to the system.

The reminder appears in the assigned user’s Dashboard.

And Calendar.

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