Automate Tag assignment or removed from Contact Types

Automate Tag assignment or removed from Contact Types

Within the Contact Type Picklist is a function to automate which Tags will be assigned to a Contact depending on the Type of Contact. Simultaneously the Tag(s) can be removed or not when the Contact Type changed.

Click on the Contact Types  Icon in the CONTACTS Section of the Picklists page.

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The Picklists – Contact Types page opens with a current list of Contact Types. To add another Contact Types, Click Add New in the header bar. Or to Edit a Contact Type, Click on the underlined Contact Type.

Click the down arrow in the Add Tags if Type is Added field to select the Tags this Contact Type belongs to. These Tags will be assigned to the Contact with this Type assigned. To Create Tags Refer article Creating Tags in Fortix.

Click the down arrow in the Remove Tags if Type is Removed field to select the Tags that must be removed when the Type is changed. To Create Tags Refer article Creating Tags in Fortix.

Click SAVE to commit the New or changed Contact Type to the system.

To Delete a Contact Type, Click Delete at the end of the row of the Contact Type that has to be deleted.