Calendar View Setup (Status colours, Grid Display)

Fortix Calendar is set up in Calendar Setup. The Grid view, information displayed in the calendar entries, colours of the different types of entries as well as the border colours all have different settings.

This article explains the different settings in Calendar Setup.

Click Calendar Setup under SYSTEM in Setup Menu.

The quick address is: /?system_setup&op=displayForm&section=CalendarSetup

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The CALENDAR SETUP form opens.

  1. Whether field for full-text search should be available in Calendar component or not.
  2. The information displayed in the Calendar entries.
  3. Calendar Grid Start and End Time
  4. Calendar entries colours of the logged-in user.
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 Border Colour source specifies, from which entity/status the border colour is used and the width of the event border colour in the calendar. Note, that in the case of Reminder Status, the use of Reminder Statuses needs to be enabled in the Reminders Setup.

Click SAVE to commit the new setup to the system.

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 If you have questions regarding this feature, drop us a line on can access more helpful articles here.