Collaborations with Files

When working on projects or jobs with internal teams and clients, having handy features such as Collaborations on Work Requests can help users with productivity. Here are some tips on Collaborations which you may or may not know about:


Collaborations allow multiple users to read or write into a Work Request, as long as they have the relevant permission to do so.


By simply clicking on the icon shown above, the Collaboration form appears with multiple functions available for the user.


Emailing Clients

Users can also capture their communication with clients from the Notify Customer check box where a pre-templated email message will be sent out, containing attachments and the text as contained in the Reply section:


To access the relevant email message that is used for the system configuration your organisation is on, refer to Email Messages or please contact

Forwarding Files

If you would like to send your client some file(s) that is already present in the Work Request, click on Notify Customer. You will see a list of present files ready for emailing to the client, simply by checking on one or more:


Your client will receive these files as attachments in the email from the system!  Otherwise, they do have the option of logging into the Customer Portal and accessing the Work Request using their details.

If you find any of the above features not present in your configuration, and your users will benefit from having them turned on, please contact us on