Create Customer Branches

A branch office is an outlet of a company that unlike a subsidiary does not constitute a separate legal entity while being physically separated from the companies’ central office. This article explains how to set up a branch in Fortix. A Branch is connected to a business or organisation and thus is added in the Customers Contact page.

Click on the underlined Contact Customer Business or Company where the Branch will be added to.  Follow the Menu by Clicking CONTACTS the Customers.

The address bar link is: /?customers

The Contacts page will open with the EDIT CONTACT form. Locate the Branches Component on the page. Click Add New in the Heading bar of the BRANCHES component.

Refer to the Heading How to change Screen Layout of Opportunity page should the branches component not be visible. Please contact for assistance.

The Branches page opens with the ADD NEW BRANCH form enabled. Add the Branch Name int he Branch field. Click the down-arrow in the Time Zone field and select the correct Time Zone.

Click the down-arrow in the Main Contact field and select the correct Main Contact for the Branch from the list. Note that only Contacts that has been added to the Business is available for selection.

Complete the address fields.

If the Postal Address is the same as the physical address, then tick the As Above box. Else complete the information for the Postal Address.

If the Invoice Address is the same as the physical address, then tick the As Above box. Else complete the information for the Invoice Address. Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system. SAVE & CREATE CONTACT PERSON opens the Contact Person page with the ADD NEW CONTACT PERSON form enabled.

Complete the detail information with regards to the contact linked to the branch.

Click SAVE to commit the record to the system.

The Branches and Contact persons at the branches are now displayed on the Contact page.

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