Create Project E-Codes Picklist

Fortix systems provide Picklists which are selection lists used to populate the E-Codes data input field in Projects with one of some predefined values. E-Codes are used to communicate the accounting codes to Accounting packages. This article explains how to create an E-Codes Picklist.

Click E-Codes tab under PROJECTS section in the Picklist page.

The Picklists – E-Codes page opens with a list of E-Codes. Click Add New to Add another E-Codes.

The address bar link is : /?codelists&cl=ecodes

Add the new E-Codes and Order of display in the list and if it should be a Default status. Click the down arrow in the Profile field and select which company Profile this E-Code will be visible to. Refer article How to create a Profile. Only records belonging to the assigned Profile will see the E-Code.

Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.

E-Codes can be Edited by clicking on the underlined E-Codes. Click Delete at the end of the row to Remove the E-Codes.