CRON Job for Auto Update Marketing List

Marketing Lists can be refreshed automatically in defined time intervals using a CRON job. Fortix system contains a CRON job which is using the setup in Marketing List to include/exclude Contact Persons on regular basis. In CRON Jobs Management setup area it is required to enable the contact_list_updater.php CRON job. This CRON job will always update assignation to the lists based on the criteria defined in Advanced Search area.

This might be a process for your system-administration person to be involved in, or you can contact Fortix at for assistance.


To ensure that your Marketing list is automatically updated, Got to Setup by Clicking on the Settings icon in the right-hand corner then scroll down to AUTOMATION Section. Click CRON Jobs Management.

The CRON Jobs Management Page opens with the list of CRON JOBS TEMPLATES. Find the contact_list_updater.php by filtering in the Name field “Contact

Click the Down Arrow next to Action in the row of contact_list_updater.php.

Click the Pencil to Edit.

The CRON Jobs Management page opens with the EDIT CRON Job form to edit contact_list_updater.php.

Ensure the active radio button is clicked.

Set the time of day for the execution of this job by setting the Minute and Hour.

Click SAVE to commit changes to the system and Exit the form.

Click UPDATE to commit changes to the system and stay in the form.

To Execute the CRON job immediately, Click the Fighter Jet Icon

The Executing message is displayed.

Click the Log Icon to see the Execution Log. Current executions are (2).

The CRON Jobs page displays a log of the Contact List Updater.PHP

How do you segregate your contacts for focused marketing?  If you don’t already have marketing lists, drop us a line on

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