Editing Approved Quotes

When you have customers that change their order AFTER the agreed Quote has been approved and actioned, not to worry, the Fortix system can cater for this real-life situation!

With our standard workflow, approved Quotes are converted into Jobs or Projects. At this point, the relevant Invoices and Purchase Orders can also be automatically created to save time and ensure accuracy.  But in some cases, you get the odd percentage of customers that insist on varying this (even though you have emailed them the invoice).

Firstly, make sure the Permission to edit approved quotes is provided to the relevant role, team leader or manager (contact us to get this activated for you).


Secondly, make sure the assigned person(s) is trained on the Process of editing a quote (provide Details and Rules of when editing is acceptable).  Check out our People Module for more details on how to use this feature internally.


Thirdly, Purchase Orders and Invoices may need to be re-run depending on the system setting. In the Edit Quote form, make sure Save & Re-Run Invoice is selected to generate one that reflects the updated details.



In Edit Project, click on the PO Profile miniSIT to make sure that the new products or items have been added in (it should be automatic).


How useful would this systemised feature be in your business?  If you don’t already have it turned on, drop us a line on support@fortix.systems.