Estimates and Approval Archiving

Archiving in Fortix is a differentiation of inactive information an active information. Records that are no longer actively used is archived in order to uncluttered lists of records. This article explains archive view of opportunities.

The quick address link for Estimates are: /?estimates

The Estimates & Approvals page will open with a list of Estimate & Approvals after clicking Estimates & Approvals in the sub-heading bar. Click the down arrow next to Estimates & Approvals.

To Filter, the view of Estimates click on the radio button Active or Archived. To see All click that radio button. Click APPLY.


Alternatively, by clicking the down arrow next to ARCHIVED the Estimates can also be filtered.

Only Active Estimates and Approvals are displayed.

Click View Details in the drop-down menu next to Action.

The Estimate is not Archived as indicated by the No next to Archived.

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