Event Notification

Notifications of Events can be set up to do a whole range of actions in Fortix. This article explains how to set up an event to notify by email of a new lead that has been registered.

This might be a process for your system-administration person to be involved in, or you can contact Fortix at support@fortix.com.au for assistance.

The quick address is: /?notifications

Notification is found in the Setup Menu. Click Notifications which is in the AUTOMATION section.

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The Notifications list view opens with a list of current notifications. Click Add New to add a new notification.

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Complete the ADD NEW NOTIFICATION form.

  1. Add a unique Name.
  2. Select the email you want to send when this event is triggered.
  3. Make sure to select the correct Event trigger and schedule the CRON job.
  4. Choose the type of Recipients that needs to receive this event notification.
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Add the email addresses of the recipients and click SAVE to commit to the system

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This email will be send when a new lead is generated. In the EMAIL MESSAGES form, the notification has been connected to this email message.

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And the email has been received.

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