Google Accounts

If you have a valid Google account, free or paid, you must take advantage of Fortix’s Google Account Details Setup.  This will allow you to:

  1. Sign in to the system using your Google credentials;
  2. Get your Google calendar synched with the system calendar; and
  3. View daily reminders on your dashboard.

To get your account set up, follow these instructions below.  First, find yourself under the Users sub menu (usually located under People):

Google Accounts Users


Next, in the Action menu, select Edit Google Details:

Google Accounts Edit Action


The Edit form will display:



The fields in this form are explained in the table:

Field DEscription
Google Account Put in your valid Google email address here.
Google Password The password to the Google email to be completed here. 
Change Google Account Login Information Use this only if you have previously already set up your Google Account in the system.  Ticking this box will also need you to fill the Google Password field.  The intent of this field is to notify the system that you have a new password to your Google account and wish to update it in the system also. 
Event Reminder Select to receive reminders via email or as alerts on your screen
Show me as If the system creates a reminder for you, you can choose to make these type of reminders show up in your calendar as either available or busy
Privacy If the system creates a reminder for you, you can choose to make the details of these reminders show up in your calendar as either the defaulted setting, confidential, private or public.
Schedule Reminders From If the system needs to create a reminder for you, you can select what time of the day it can schedule it in.
Reminder Settings Reminder settings for system generated events can be set to minutes, hours, days or weeks before.
Email Setup Tick this box if your email has not been set up in the system.  To learn more about this function, refer to this article


Once Saved, you will need to make sure that you are already signed in to your Google account:



Lastly, click on the Google Sign Into the system to activate the configuration.



You will now be able to view your existing entries inside your Calendar and as reminders on your Dashboard:



Let us know how you went by commenting below, otherwise drop us an email on or click here!