How to Add a Note to an Opportunity

Notes in Fortix is used an informal way to remember conversations, to do something or take a note of any thought which cannot be actioned right now. This article explains how to add a Note to an Opportunity in Fortix.

On the Opportunities page data-set, find the Opportunity where the Note will be added. Click the Down arrow Menu next to Action on the right-hand side of the row. Select Add Note, by clicking on it. In brackets next to Add Note is the number of existing Notes for this Opportunity.

The Note Form opens with the Note Type defaulting to the Default Note Type which is Phone.

By Clicking the down Arrow in the Content field, the Content type can be changed. Options include text, text +files,HTML, HTML + Files or Files

Adding a Reminder for future action, Click on Reminder to Enable setting a reminder.

Click SAVE after Completing the form.

Reminders appear on the Dashboard with further Action Options.

The Notes can be Viewed or Deleted from the Opportunities page.

To View a Note, Click the Down Arrow Next to Action in the Row of the Note.

Click View Details.

The Notes Page opens with NOTE DETAIL information. By clicking on the Attached Files, the File will be downloaded.

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