How to capture Relations between Contacts

An essential part of your contact relationship involves remembering who knows who and if they’re married to another contact, or if they work with multiple businesses. Fortix enables enterprises to capture connections between contacts to increase your understanding of how to approach your contacts. This article explains how to capture relations between your contacts.

Contacts which is linked with a Relation Type must already exist in the System

Access the Contact where you want to add the relation by Clicking on CONTACTS and Customers in the Main Heading bar. Find the Customer and click on the underlined Contact information.

The address bar link is: /?customers

The Contacts page will open with the EDIT CONTACT form enabled. Find the RELATED CONTACTS Component on the page. Refer to the article – How to change Contact Screen layout.

Click Add New to add a relationship between two contacts.

The ADD NEW RELATION forms open with a business card information on the Contact that is open. Enter at least two letters to trigger a search of the existing Contacts. Click one of the Contacts from the list.

To setup Search preferences of relations Refer article  How to Configure Customer Contact System Behaviour and Heading Relations.

Click the down arrow in the Relation field. Click the tick boxes of All the relations that are applicable. Refer article Create Relations Types in Fortix.

Click SAVE to commit the information to the system

The New Relation between the contact has now been created. To Edit or Delete a Relation, Click the down arrow in the Action field in the row of the Contact and Relation.