How to Copy CC details from a Billing Profile

Credit Card details are always encrypted as part of Fortix security system. Consequently, when a New Billing Profile is created and the current Credit Card Detail has to be used, it can not be retyped, as it is impossible to be read.

This article explains how to copy the Credit Card Details from a current Billing Profile to a New Billing Profile.

Navigate to the Billing Profiles page where the BILLING PROFILES Dataset will open. Find the customer where the Billing Profile needs to be added. Click the underlined Name.

The EDIT BILLING PROFILE form will be activated.

On the right side of the page find the component OTHER BILLING PROFILES. Confirm that Credit Card Details are present.

In the Credit Card section, find the Copy Credit Card Details drop-down field and select the Billing Profile where the Credit Card details currently are located. Click to add Credit Card Details to Billing Profile.

Click SAVE.

The New Billing Profile now reflects the same Credit Card Details as of the Default Billing Profile.

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