How to create Cost Allocation Picklist

Cost allocation is the process of identifying, aggregating and assigning costs to cost objects. A cost object is any activity or item for which you want to separately measure costs. Examples of cost objects are a product, a research project, a customer, a sales region, and a department. This article explains how to create Cost Allocation Picklist.

Click on Picklist Icon in the matrix menu. Scroll down to find under STOCK heading Cost Allocations.

The Picklists – Cost Allocations page opens with a list of COST ALLOCATIONS displaying. To Add a Cost Allocation Click Add New in the COST ALLOCATION heading bar.

The ADD NEW COST ALLOCATION form is enabled. Enter a Unique Cost Allocation name in the field and decide which Order this should be displayed as. Click Yes if it should be the Default cost allocation. Choose the company Profile for this Cost Allocation by clicking the down arrow.

Click SAVE.

To Edit, click the underlined COST ALLOCATION. To Delete, click Delete tab in the row of the COST ALLOCATION.