How to create Payment Types

Fortix systems have Picklists which are selection lists used to populate the Payments Types/Options data input field in Projects with one of a number of predefined values. This article explains how to create Payments Types/Options Picklist.

The address bar link is : /?codelists&cl=payment_types

Click Payment Types tab under FINANCE section in the Picklist page.

Fortix - Google Chrome

The Picklists – Payment Types page opens with a list of Payment Types. Click Add New to Add another Payment Type.

Fortix - Google Chrome

Add the new Unique Payment Type  Order of display in the list and if it should be a Default Payment Type.

Click the down arrow in the Xero Account field and select which Xero Account this Payment Type is linked to.

Refer article How to add Xero Accounts Picklist. Only records belonging to the assigned Profile will see the Payment Type.

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Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.

Fortix - Google Chrome