How to Create Quick Menus

By implementing Quick Menus, you can increase your employees’ productivity as they can complete their assigned tasked quicker resulting in the sense of accomplishment instead of frustration.

This article explains how to Manage Quick Menus in Fortix.

Find the QUICK MENU SETUP or component on your home page. On the right-hand side of the heading bar Click on the More  Menu.

The quick address is: /?quick_menu_setup

Three options are displayed:

  1. The Locked option, showing a closed Lock indicates that the Menu items display order cannot be changed. If this option is clicked the Lock becomes an open lock which indicated that the menu icons order can be changed.
  2. Click the Manage option to Delete, Add or Edit the Menu items.
  3. Click Add New if you want to add a New Menu Item.

We will proceed with the Manage option.

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The Quick Menu Setup page opens. Note the Dashboard. From this page, you are able to alter any of the available Dashboards or Quick Menus in Fortix. Click the Down Arrow to see available Dashboards.

Make sure the relevant Dashboard you want to Manage is selected.

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  1. The Title of the Quick Menu can be changed to reflect your business Menu.
  2. The Support box is Unticked. To Show, the Support Option, Tick the box.
  3. The MyLeadPodd has two extra options – Edit (pencil) and Delete (-). This is a custom Icon added by the user.
  4. Add New Menu Option click the + on the top right-hand corner.

Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.

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The ADD NEW QUICK MENU ENTRY form is open. Proceed to type the Name of the New Quick Menu Item you want to add.

If your role requires you to change the Menu in Fortix, as an example, you can reduce the number of clicks to open the MENU MANAGEMENT page by adding a Quick Menu Item. Copy the URL from the address bar of the MENU MANAGEMENT page into the URL of the Quick Menu Setting form.

  1. Add the Name of the New Menu Option
  2. By ticking the Open in Tab box, you are able to nest your Quick Menu.
  3. Copy the URL of the page you want to access quickly into the URL of the Quick Menu Setting form.
  4. Click Choose icon to select an Icon for your New Menu Item.
  5. Now add a Name for the Tab
  6. Click the brush to change the colour for your new Quick Menu Item. Click OK after you selected your choice.

Click SAVE.

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The newly added Quick Menu Item is on the System Tab.

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