How to Edit Note Types

Note making is not just about writing down everything you hear or read.

It is a process of reviewing, connecting and synthesising ideas from your meetings or Opportunities - Profile Fortix - Google Chromemental activity with regards to your business.

Notes in Fortix is used as an informal way to remember conversations, to do something or take a note of any thought which cannot be actioned right away.

To add structure to Notes, we use Note Type in order to sort similar notes together.

This article explains how to edit or abbreviate Note Types in Fortix appearing at the top of the Note form.

Click on the Pick List Icon under the Matrix Menu options. Click on Note types under the CONTACTS Section.

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The Picklists – Note types page opens with a list of available Note types.

The option to Delete is found by clicking the down arrow in the Action tab.

To Add New, Click the + AddNew.

To edit click Edit or on the underlined name of the picklist that needs to be changed.

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The Picklists – Note Types page opens with the EDIT NOTE TYPE form. Make the changes and click SAVE.

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The changes made to the Note Type Picklist is available when adding a new Note.

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 If you have questions regarding this feature, drop us a line on can access more helpful articles here.