How to filter Calendar View

 A calendar is similar to a personal assistant, keeping your days flowing smoothly making sure you don’t miss appointments, forget birthdays, and disregard deadlines. Fortix Calendar shows your upcoming schedule and reminds you of important events.

Calendar events probably involve other people. If you’d like to keep everyone on the same page for those meetings, sharing features—such as effortlessly inviting others to see your calendar will be a huge help instead of the back-and-forth email discussions when planning a date.

Click Calendar in the heading bar. The Calendar page will open with the current month dates showing. To filter the calendar view click the Calendar gear icon

Click the down arrow in the User selection field to select the Calendars to view. Only Shared Calendars can be viewed. See How to share a Calendar.

Click the down arrow in the Show Items field to select which items should display in the calendar. Click SAVE.

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