How to Record Time Activity for a Team WR

Fortix enables users to record activity times and assign these to a Work Request. A designated user can record time for the other users, for example when everyone attended a meeting.  This article explains how to record a group activity.

Click Requests in the heading bar under WORK REQUESTS. Select the Work Request where the time must be recorded.

The short address bar link is: /?requests

Work Requests List - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

The WORK page opens. Click Collaborate.

WR 21 - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Complete the form. To Log time activity for a list of Users assigned to this Project/ Work Request, click Group Activity. Tick all the boxes of the users who the time is logged for.

Click SEND to commit the reminder to the system.

WR 21 - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

The Work Request form is displayed with ACTIVITIES as a list view and graphical display.

WR 21 - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

 If you have questions regarding this feature, drop us a line on can access more helpful articles here.