How to Setup Note in Reminder (Opportunity)

Fortix systems is a highly customizable integrated system which can be configured to your unique business requirements. This article explains how to set up the features for Notes and Reminders.

Navigate to the Setup page by clicking on the Gear Icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Scroll down to find the CRM section. Click the Opportunity Setup Tab.

The Setup page opens with the OPPORTUNITY SETUP form with current settings is enabled.

Allow to define Creation Date for Opportunity Update * If set to Yes then a date will appear in the Update Opportunity form.

Include Note to the Reminder Click Yes to add Notes to Reminders in Opportunities.

Default Reminder Text can be entered.

Click SAVE to commit changes to the System

The Update of Opportunity – Reminder now have a default reminder Text. See How to Add a Note to an Opportunity.

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