How to Setup Note Types

Notes in Fortix is used an informal way to remember conversations, to do something or take a note of any thought which cannot be actioned right now. To add structure to Notes, there is a  Note Type in order to sort similar notes together.

 Click on the Pick List Icon under the Matrix Menu options. Click on Note types under the CONTACTS Section.

The Picklists – Note types page opens with a list of available Note types.

The option to Delete is found in the row of each NOTE TYPE.

To Add New, Click the + AddNew.

The Picklists – Note Types page opens with the ADD NEW NOTE TYPE form.

Complete the ADD NEW NOTE TYPE form by filling the fields. The Profile field is related to the current business Profile. Click the down arrow in the Profile field and select which company Profile this Due Date Type will be visible to. Refer article How to create a Profile. Only records belonging to the assigned Profile will see the Due Date Type.

Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.

The New Invoice Note Type is reflected in the Picklist.

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