How to view Outgoing E-mail Queue

E-mails send in Fortix are displayed in the Outgoing E-mail Queue. If there is a problem delivering the message at any point in the process, the message remains in the queue where the problem occurred.

“blocked recipient” is an example of where an email has been sent to a contact who has a Do Not Email option activated. This article explains how to access the Outgoing E-mail Queue.

To access the Outgoing Email Queue, Click Outgoing E-mails Queue in the COMMUNICATIONS Heading. The list of emails in the Queue is displayed.

The address bar link is /?email_queue

With a certain email is the queue, with an Action tab available can be Resend or forwarded. Other options are to try and Send EMail again or to Dequeue the Email Message.

Launching Send Selected Email functionality changes logged user information during its execution. Therefore in case you experience any error in sending emails, please log out and log in again to ensure your user information is correct.