Images for Headers & Footers

The beauty of automation is the quick and easy way to make things look consistent.  With the Fortix system, you can pre-set your headers and footers for PDFs that are generated automatically.

To do this, make sure you have administration rights and go to your System Setup:

System Setup

Click on PDF Background and Logo Management:


Then scroll down to the Current PDF Header Images, Current PDF Footer Images and Current PDF Logo Image sections, where you can upload the relevant JPG or PNG images.


There you will see that different images will need to be set for the following:

  • Portrait Header for 1st Page
  • Portrait Header for Other Pages
  • Portrait Footer for All Pages
  • Landscape Header for 1st Page
  • Landscape Header for Other Pages
  • Landscape Footer for All Pages
  • PDF Logo Image
  • This is overridden by Headers and Footers

When saved, you will be able to generate PDFs with the relevant imagery as shown below:


Let us know how you went with setting up your PDFs.  Remember, if you need assistance, just drop us a line on and we will be glad to help.