Import Contact Data Into Fortix

Data every business’s best friend and should be treated as one of your most powerful tools. Consider the information your organization may be recording on its prospects, customers, and suppliers.  It is easy to understand that the data must be of the highest quality in order for it to be used effectively and lead to measurable success and growth.

However, data entry is often a tedious job; left as a side thought to the other work that needs to get done. Users entering the data are looking for the quickest way to enter their data which generally results in incorrect information that is of limited value to your organization. There are several ways you can step up your game and enhance the data entry experience for your users. The end result you should aim for is cleaner and purer data to support your organization.

Fortix Import of data can dramatically improve your productivity, accuracy and quality of your data.

Importing data is an advanced function and might require help from a DBA or some other more experienced technical person in your organisation. Contact Fortix at if you need help.

Access the Import Contact List function by Clicking the Import Contact List. Download the approved XLS template file for import by clicking on the Download it here.


Prepare the Excell spreadsheet with the data. Ensure that email addresses are unique. Name and Surname are required fields. All the Picklist fields must contain the correct data according to the Picklists within the Fortix system.

Click SELECT FILE to select the file for data import.

Your Data file will be displayed in the IMPORT CONTACTS FROM FILE section. Now click IMPORT.


Fortix data import will first check if the data is valid, before attempting to import.


Fix any errors that might be in the data.

Picklists are lists of values you can set up for use in drop-down lists.

The data fields like Job Title, Source, State etc are Picklist fields has to conform to what is in the drop down list already in Fortix. Contact if you need assistance.

After fixing your data, Click TRY AGAIN, which will let you reload your data file.

When the data has been successfully loaded, The total contacts imported will be shown at the end of the INFO list.

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