Industry related Tags

Industry Picklists are selection lists used to populate the Industry data input field in Contacts with one of a number of predefined values. Picklists provided in the standard system can be altered to use customer-specific values. A Group of Tags can be linked or associated with a specific Industry. These Tags will then be available in a Related tags field to assign to the Contact where the Industry is used.

Click on the Industry  Icon in the CONTACTS Section of the Picklists page.

The Picklists – Industry page opens with a current list of Industry. Find the Industry to add a Tag to. Click on the Industry Name to Select and edit.

The Picklists – Industry page opens with the EDIT Industry form enabled.

Click the down arrow in the Associated Tags field to select the Tags this Industry belongs to. These Tags will be available to assign to the Contact with this Industry assigned. To Create Tags Refer article How to create Tags.

Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.

Click the down arrow in Tags field, in the Contact form the associated tags now display to be selected as per Industry.


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