Managing Authorisation and Permissions in Fortix

Fortix has various systems in place to manage security Auth Manager dictates which Roles have access to which processes. Pages and forms are also regulated with Authentication Roles.

Access Auth Manager by clicking on the Setup gear, then the Auth Manager Icon under SECURITY. Address bar Link: /?auth_manager

The Auth Manager page opens with ROLES hierarchy component, PERMISSIONS hierarchy component and a PERMISSIONS list component.

Click the Pencil to edit a Roles authority.

The HIERARCHY form opens on the Auth Manager page. Click the down arrow to select the authority Able to Grant Roles drop down list. A user with the Role as Management/Owner will be able to grant the selected roles to another user.

List of lower level roles (Management/Owners will group all selected roles)

Click on the (underlined when hovering over) Management/Owners role.

Auth Manager Page opens with the ROLES form enabled for the selected Role. The Name and Description can be altered on this form. Also Permissions can allocated to the Role by ticking the boxes next to the relevant Permissions.