Managing Colour Themes in Fortix

One of the best things about Fortix is that it is very customisable. So in Fortix, you can change the colours of your business system often.

Think carefully before you change about how you want the users who are accessing your system to feel and perform. Although the colour palette in Fortix can’t perform miracles, it can certainly give you a boost in the right direction. This article explains how to change the colours of buttons, Fonts, Headers etc.

To access Themes in Fortix, locate the Matrix Square Menu and Click. Click the Paintbrush to choose any of the predefined Themes in Fortix.

Click the Paintbrush at the end of the Theme choices.

The Themes Management Page opens with the details of all the predefined Themes.


Click Add New – the CREATE THEME form will be active. Add a Unique Name to the New Theme. Then start picking colours for your New Theme!



Any of the current Themes can be Edited or Copied to form a basis of a New Theme you might want to create.

A theme may be selected for all the users by Clicking Set For All Users on the right-hand side, after clicking the down arrow next to Action.


Have you experimented with colour on your Fortix System?  If you have questions regarding the Colour Themes, drop us a line on

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