Menu Management in Fortix

The definition of Menu means a list of things to choose from. In Fortix we give you the capability to decide what is on the list. A clean and only what is needed a list of functionality is within your reach. This article explains how to set your menu up.

Within Fortix a business has a choice between Vertical or Horizontal Menu structures. This is done within the Default Options in Setup. Refer to the article How to set Fortix System Defaults.

Click Menu Management on the Setup page.

The Menu Management page opens with a MENU ITEMS in the structure. Click on the boxed plus sign to expand the structure.

The expansion shows the menu items linked to the structure as well as the permissions that can access those menu items. Refer the article Managing Authorisation and Permissions in Fortix. The permissions are per sub Menu item and individual Menu Items.

Click on the Menu Item to edit.

The Menu Management page opens with the EDIT MENU ITEM form enabled.

Label: In the label field is the Name that is displayed as the Menu Item. Click Choose icon to Change the Icon for the Menu Item.

The Icon selection page opens. Click appropriate Icon for the Menu Item.

The Icon will be used as a Label when “Use Icon As Label” is Yes.

  1. Link field refers to the address bar link that this Menu Item will open. Fortix uses a protocol of “?’ after the instance name followed by the page name and some optional filters. EG
  2. Permission is a drop down election field where the permission is granted to a Role to access the Menu Item Page. Click the Pencil to edit the specific Permission. Alternatively, find the correct permission to allocated to the Menu Item by clicking on the drop-down arrow. Refer to the article Managing Authorisation and Permissions in Fortix
  3. Users who have been assigned the Roles with the boxes ticked can see the Menu Item. If the roles are not ticked but exist in the Permission attached, they will still be able to access the page in other ways like direct address entry or other Menu Structures.

Click the down-arrow and select the Parent Menu Item.

  1. Order refers to the place in the Menu where this Menu Item will be displayed.
  2. Published should be Yes if the Menu Item is to appear in the Menu Structure.
  3. A Short Description is Optional.

Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.