New Fields in Forms

We understand that the business development process is different for each and every organisation.  In certain industries, various and particular details are recorded during each process, which is specific to the type of job, product or service.  This is why we have catered our Opportunities, Contacts and Contact Persons in the system to work with the way you do things!

To accomodate additional information, we can add new fields into the Add and Edit forms:

New Fields

The new fields can be in the following formats for your convenience and with default values pre-selected:

Radio Buttons Yes or No
Date Select a calendar date
Time Select a time
Datetime Select a calendar date AND time
Timestamp Automatically records the date and time of form submission
Text Field One line of text
Text Area Multiple lines of text
Picklist Referrable to a particular list in the system

So, let us know if you have further requirements to add more fields into your forms by contacting us on