Once-off Corporate Message (CEO messages)

When users, which can be clients, members or employees log into you Fortix system, they can have a general message displayed right after logging in and before any other screen. This will only appear once for each user.

This is how to create a once-off system-wide message.

Go to Corporate Messages, clicking through COMMUNICATION and CEO Messages. A list of current and past messages is displayed. Click Add New to add a new message.

The address bar link is: /?ceo_messages

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Add a unique Title and the message in the Description that needs to be displayed. Click SAVE to commit to the system.

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The Corporate message is displayed after the user has logged in and before they can access their Dashboard. This message is displayed only once.

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 If you have questions regarding this feature, drop us a line on support@fortix.systems.You can access more helpful articles here.