Recording time against Work Request through Collaboration

Recording time against a Work Request is a means to track time for payroll, billing and project management. The system records the date and the duration of the activity from the collaboration form. The collaboration screen offers the opportunity to notify the customer of the progress and/or set reminders. This information may be used for payroll, client billing, and increasingly for project costing, estimation, tracking, and management.

The advantage of activity recording in a project management environment is comparing planned costs versus actual costs, as well as measuring employee performance, and identifying problematic tasks. This knowledge can drive business strategy focusing on profitable projects and up-skilling of employees that may be struggling or overworked.

Open the Work Requests page by clicking the WORK REQUESTS menu and Requests in the heading bar. Click the underlined Work Request ID to do the time recording.

The short address bar link is: /?requests

The Specific Work Request page opens. Click the Collaborate Icon or anywhere on the collaborate bar

The Collaborate form is enabled.

Scroll down to the Record Activity Area. Use the slider to record Progress %. Click the down arrow in the Activity Category field and select the Category applicabe..

Click the Down Arrow in the Activity Subcategory and select the Subcategory.

Enter a Description of actions and decisions made. Click the Down Arrow in the Date field to select the date for time recording. Note only the last 4 days are enabled to record against. This is restricted in Work Request Setup.

Click the Down Arrow in the Hours and Minutes fields to record the how long the activity took. Click SEND to complete.