Send Email from Fortix

Email retention policy, also known as the “paper trail” is a complicated process.

WIth Fortix business system we streamline your Email retention policy, by integrating all customer communication into a central Database, making it easy for you to comply with industry and government regulations.

Employees and often executives rely on old email chains to recollect past decisions and the context in which they were made, ensuring customer continuity. And with our easy to customise Email template, you can build a consistent way and format in which you communicate with your customers.

To Send an Email in Fortix, Click COMMUNICATION then Send Email.


The SEND MESSAGE form opens on the Communication page.

Search for a pre-formatted email message (Select Template) by typing two or more letters in the Search field. To set these Email messages up, refer our How to setup System E-mails article.

The Search field helps to find the Template that will pre-fill the Subject field and Message body as well as attach any files that might have been specified and the Sender field. To make use of Fortix Email automation prefill, refer our How to setup System E-mails article.

Sender will default to the person who is currently logged in. If the user, that is logged in, does not have a valid Send From Account, (refer How to Set-up Email Sent From Accounts article to set this up) the Sender field will default to Admin.

The Sender can be changed by clicking on the down arrow and selecting a valid Send From account.

To populate the Recipient fields, type two letters of the customer, on the right hand-side of the SEND MESSAGE form. Select the correct Contact the message is for.

Tick the appropriate boxes of the persons who this email is for. Choose Send or Cc. You can also BCC a recipient. The pencil indicates that this contact can be Edited before sending the message, while on the Communication page.

Click the + if the person the email is for has not been added into Fortix System.

The Subject and Message can be altered if need be.

Contact Link in the top-right-hand corner must be selected for the tag variable fields to be populated by data.

Click PREVIEW to see what the message will look like. Note {tag_CustomerFirtsName} and {tag_OpportinityOwner} has been filled in.

At this stage, any files that need to be sent can be Attached by clicking SELECT FILES.

A Reminder can be set for When (a specific date and time) and What to do at the time for follow-up by ticking the Reminder box.

Click SEND.

How do you manage Email retention in your business?  If you don’t already have email set-up it turned on, drop us a line on

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