Team Messages

The use of Team messages makes communicating with your colleagues a breeze!  You can talk about anything and everything any time you want, all from the safety of your own desktop (or laptop).

The Team Messages interface was designed to be simple; just like talking to someone in real life, but with a computer. The quickest and easiest way to communicate with a colleague is to click a recipient’s picture from the dashboard component, type the text and click send. It’s THAT easy!

The recipient gets an alert (email) with your message. Voila! When they’ve read the message they can choose to complete it, or keep it for future reference. If you accidentally complete a message without first reading it in full, you can re-read them at any time from the from the Quick Messages menu.

Team Messages enable you to:

  1. Send a message to your favourite users;
  2. Send a message to your team members; and
  3. Send a message to more than one lucky recipient.

All at the click of the mouse!

To get the most out of Team Messages set up your favourite users and team members for quick and messaging.  If you would like optional features turned on, give us a ring on 1300 426 311 or click here!

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