Theme Manager Extensions

If you have enjoyed our initial Theme Manager release for a customised look and feel of the system, you will definitely love the Extended version features:

A. Font Manager

Get the right font to match the colours!  We have included a Font Manager that can be used to select one of the four fonts; Lato, Open Sans, Roboto and Ubuntu, in the Add and Edit Theme forms.


B. Override All Users

When implementing corporate environments, there may be a need to ensure that the system is consistent from any user’s deveice.  With the appropriate permission, the administrator may select a theme and Set For All Users via Theme Manager.  This will reset all colour and font combinations for every user in the system at that instant:


C. Copy Theme

To create a new theme which is based on an existing one, administrators now no longer need to replicate this manually.  By selecting Copy from the SIT Action, administrators are directed to a Create Theme form with all colours and fonts prefilled.  Administrators will only need to complete a new Theme Name as shown in the image below:


D. Use as Default

This next feature is extremely useful for induction processes, as it allows all new users to have a particular theme until they are ready to personalise their desktop.  Reserved for those with administration rights to the system, by going into Edit Default Options, users can now select the Default Theme of choice:


Remember that most of the above functions can only be set by users with specific permissions to the system, so if you would like to get your system looking and feeling good, drop us a line on