Timesheet (User) Summary Report

The Timesheet Summary report provides a high-level overview of time tracked in a given date range. You can use this report to view a breakdown of the billable, non-billable, and paid non-billable hours each user has entered over a selected period. You can also see the total hours each user has worked.

The quick shortcut is: /?developer_summary_report&clean=yes for entry into address bar.

Click on Timesheet (User) Summary Report icon under RECORDED TIME REPORTS to access the Timesheet (User) Summary Report.

The Timesheet (User) Summary Report opens showing filter options and a graph reflecting the Spent time (report) per user in hours.

Scrolling down you can view the totals per user broken down into ESTIMATED HOURS (STAGES), SPENT TIME (REPORT), SPENT TIME (TOTAL), EXTRA HOURS, UNBILLED ACTIVITIES.

At the bottom is a breakdown of the time spent per customer project