User Profile Setup

Fortix enables users to be self-sufficient by enabling them to take control of their personal data relating to their employment. Updating their Profile photo and contact information. All changes are tracked by the change log, so it is totally transparent. This frees up valuable time and prevents miscommunications.

Use any of the following three access methods:

  1. Click Profile Photo and Click My Profile1. Click Profile Photo2. or Click Matrix Menu and Click on User Icon 3. or the third option is to Click on OUR TEAM in the Main message Heading, then Click Users.


A list of registered users is displayed. Select the user that needs to be updated, by clicking on their name. This will open he EDIT USER form. Alternatively, Click on the down arrow on the right-hand side in the user row that needs to be edited. Click Edit User Details.



Note that only internal users will be enabled with this feature!  If you have external users (customers, suppliers or partners) accessing the system, this setup may not be suitable for certain fields will not be applicable.  For more help with this feature visit Fortix Systems.

To arrange for customised setups, please contact