Working with Tags in Fortix

Create tags to aid classification, mark ownership, note boundaries, and improve group search of unrelated records. This article explains various ways to create tags in Fortix.

When assigning tags to a record in Fortix, it’s not necessary to Save that record.

The Tag field can be used as a filter so that all the records in a specific List View like Customers, Work Requests, Opportunities or Projects can be viewed.

Use the mouse to hover over the Tag to see the user, date and time they assigned a tag to the record.

Work Requests List - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Opportunities - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Tags are created each with a Unique Id, eg.if you would have 10 tags with the same name all of them will be listed. If you are using “No Marketing” tag with id 40 and “No Marketing” tag id 41 on contacts and exclude only “No Marketing” id 41 the contacts where tag id 40 is used will not be picked up.

Create Tags on the Tag page

Click Menu Option Tags under Dashboard. This opens the Tags page and a list of current Tags is displayed.

The addressbar link is: /?tags

Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

On the right-hand side Click + sign to Add New tags.

Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

The Tags page opens with the ADD TAG form.

Add the Name of the Tag to be created then choose a colour from the Colour Picker.

Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Click SAVE to commit these changes to the system

Create Tags from Contacts or any other data set.

Open the Contacts Page and select a contact. Click the Tag Icon.

Contacts - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Type the New Tag Name in the Search / New Tags field. Click on the Name.

Contacts - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

The New Tag is displayed next to Contacts – with no Colour. To edit, double Click the Tag.

Contacts - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Click on the paintbrush to edit the colour.

Pick a Colour and click OK to commit the change.

Click SAVE.

Contacts - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

The New Tag is now displayed.

Contacts - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

 If you have questions regarding this feature, drop us a line on can access more helpful articles here.