Leveraging Automation for Businesses Part 5

photo of chefs, waiters and manager posing

So far, we’ve talked about creating processes and how efficient your staff can be when these are implemented. Now, it’s time to have a look at how software and hardware can boost your business and get more out of your kitchen!

A growing number of restaurants are using tablets to help run their business. You may have seen it. So what is it about using this technology that makes it so appealing?

For many diners, it’s a novelty. For the Restaurant owner it’s a great way to capture and log information quickly and with minimal effort.

Let’s see how and why it works:

  • The specials and recommendations are highlighted, allowing them to pass on information to the diners without trying to remember the script;
  • The availability of dishes are shown, allowing them up to date quantities;
  • Status of kitchen capacity; allowing them to advise diners of waiting times or to deploy waiting strategies
  • The kitchen marks the orders they are working on, so wait staff can advise customers accordingly;
  • This also advises all wait staff of their capacity, so they all are aware of how busy the kitchen is;
  • Stock is also immediately calculated in the background, making it easier to identify which dishes are running low etc.
  • There should be no “missed” dishes, which could result in unhappy diners;
  • This process also notifies the cashier that the dishes have arrived and there will be minimal delays when payment is made;
  • It also serves as a good method to capture other ‘data’ on the orders made for intelligence (more of this in another post).

All this results in a balanced system between the kitchen and front of house staff. With the right processes in place, paired with your own business strategies, you can prevent mishaps through visibility of information in real time. Your kitchen knows what (accuracy) orders are being made so they can prepare the correct dishes (how). They let front of house staff know which orders they are working on so communication is constant, clear and deliberate. Your front of house staff are able to recommend specific dishes (why) because of certain business strategies (profit, over-stock, etc) or prolong ordering time to reduce stress on the kitchen (when).

With all these benefits, it is clear that a properly implemented system can provide an ideal environment for a business to thrive in. In the next post we look at how different aspects of the system can help achieve for the restauranteur.

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