Leveraging Automation for Businesses Part 1

Automation, it’s an interesting word and for many it goes right over their head. It actually reminds me of the 1980’s cartoon ‘The Jetsons’, where technology had advanced so far pretty much everything was operated by robots. Back to automation… when properly understood and put into place, the potential growth for your business could be incredible.

It keeps every business efficient, consistent and cost-effective. But what exactly is it? As a small business, can you leverage it in some form?

Just imagine all the administrative manual repetitive tasks that your business does on a daily basis. For example, that progress email to every client once their goods have been dispatched. In many small businesses these tasks are done manually. Taking the time to make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors, that you’ve spelt the client’s name right and have the correct email address etc. You check, double check, and sometimes triple check before clicking send!

Right there, you have just spent 15 minutes on one task for one client. Multiply that by 5 clients. Just over an hour is spent lost. What happens when you get more clients? Will your new employee spend time making sure everything is correct? How do you know if the progress email was even sent out and consistent with your business brand?

This is where automation can change the way to do business – for good. Automation is all about getting the best results by putting in place the appropriate tools for the job.

A configured business system can automatically send that progress email as soon as it detects that your parcel has been sent. Whether you have 1 client or 1000 clients, you no longer lose time doing repetitive tasks. The number of minutes you or your new employee have had to spend on that email? Nil. All outgoing emails are logged and recorded by delivery time without lifting a finger. Automation helps you re-claim time, it has the ability to reduce stress levels, and simply makes your work life much more appealing.

Automation is for every business, big or small.  As long as you have the processes in place and you know what you want your results to be, you can leverage automation for your business growth.

Watch this space for more tips on how important processes are for automation.

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