Partnership Announcement – Efficient Foundations

At Efficient Foundations, our aim is to help businesses not just to streamline the flow of information but improve the quality of the data.  By doing this it promotes more proactive decision making and clarity of business processes.

Our app-based platform allows users on iOS, Android and Windows to complete customer-specific forms in the office and in the field.  With both online and offline capabilities, users are able to collect all the data that is required for a business to improve and run efficiently.  Be it creating quotes, collecting general data, service data, installation data, asset management or even simple forms like leave requests can be completed easily and quickly.

All forms are tailored to suit the current paper forms they replace.  This means we are not using a set format and hiding fields to make it “Close to original”.  We not only replicate the original but make enhancements.  In addition to standard feature where we can make it that users need to complete certain parts before they are allowed to submit the form, we can collect images, video, audio, signatures and drawings.  All submissions carry a GSP stamp for easy auditing of form completion*.

Jobs can be sent out to users via the app, our portal or Fortix via the API which is prepopulated with relevant data where the app user will be able to complete their parts.

As well as collecting data, we are able to generate a PDF document that can be modelled on existing paper forms.  But there is more!  Any submitted form can automatically be emailed (eg a quote to a customer), it can be pushed into your Fortix system via the API, send SMS notifications or even save a copy in Google Drive/One Drive.

The platform is completely scalable.  From 1 user to thousands, the same features are available.  We believe everyone should be able to benefit from our solution.  As a cloud platform we are continually evolving and as new features become available, they will be available to the user!

EFForms is QA compliant.  Each form has one live version.  Improvement/Alterations can be made to a test version while staff continues to use the current version.  Once your new version is ready, and all users will be updated and will use the new version on new entries.  A Full version history is kept to track changes of form versions.

No more submitting forms with outdated information!

No more printing books of forms that will go to waste if a change needs to be made!

If you have any queries, feel free to send a message to our friendly Fortix team at


*GSP/Location services need to be turned on devices

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