Proposal management made easy

If you’re finding it difficult to manage your business proposals, there’s an easy way to keep track.

Using Fortix’s ‘Proposals’ tool allows any business to quickly see the key information regarding the status of work they are trying to win, such as the stage of proposal, the due date, and the type.Proposals

The Proposals tool also has the following benefits:

  • Attach any documents to the proposal line item, which allows storage of all relevant information in one secure location
  • Store product prices and labour rates – results in seamless quoting capability
  • Import existing .xls quotes into the proposal – minimises any duplication of data

Proposals Screen Shot of Fortix system

This is especially useful for early-stage businesses or government organisations that rely heavily on funding through grants and business cases. If your business falls into these categories, contact Fortix to talk about how we can customise ‘Proposals’ for your specific needs.

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