Re-Running Invoices

At Fortix, we listen to what our customers’ issues are experiencing and try to use automation to help them achieve their goals. When things go smoothly, automation can be a breeze – quotes easily convert to jobs and invoices are automatically created from the approved quotes. But what happens when your customer calls up and says their boss changed their mind and now want something else instead of what’s been approved?  You know you’ve been there!

If you are on a Fortix Enterprise Platform, your sales team will appreciate what we’ve put in for you: its called a Save & Re-Run Invoice button.


This feature will recognise the need to update the original invoice with the new details you’ve entered. You have conveniently by-passed the hassle and paperwork that would have normally gone through your sales team, your sales manager, your admin manager and the finance officer (who only works Tuesdays) in one easy click! How easy is that?

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