S-Search – Fast!

Fortix now enables users to find their contacts Super Fast from anywhere in the system with one key – S.

Users can find any contact by pressing S then searching for specific words or phrases in the contact record, without needing to understand or navigate through the structure of the system. This is a super fast way to find a contact.

Press S any time in Fortix Systems. This opens up a search facility to quickly find any contact or a list of contacts you want. Click the down arrow next to Advance to refine your search criteria.

With ease sort by Client, Former CLient, Prospect, Supplier etc.

As an example, you might look for all the financial planners in your contact database, which you have tagged accordingly. Click Include Tags, check the box next to financial planner. Click SEARCH.

The All Contacts page with a filtered list of “financial planner” will be displayed. Click the down arrow next to All Contacts to further refine your search.

For more exciting ways to lighten your work load visit Fortix Systems Help.

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